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Individual coaching

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Team coaching and facilitation

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Agile Trainings

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Individual coaching

Individual coaching is the interaction between a coach and a client to meet the client’s needs. The process provokes reflection, creativity, and learning, which helps to increase personal and professional potential, more confidence and satisfaction.

Knowledge is most lasting when it comes to analyzing one’s own experience. When a person comes to a decision on his own, he is more motivated to execute it. Success builds confidence in his own abilities.

Coaching can be very helpful if:

  • You are going through a process of change
  • You need to learn new skills and / or prepare for a new professional role
  • You are trying to strike a balance between personal and professional life
  • You want to explore your values ​​and reconcile your choices with them
  • Strive to build more productive relationships or resolve conflict

Team coaching and facilitation

Effective teamwork is based on common goals, norms, and agreed solutions. When they are available, each team member feels that he or she is part of the process. People work in collaboration and with a high level of trust in each other. An environment is created in which both the team and each team member in it is highly engaged and motivated.

Team coaching helps bring your team to this level. It is suitable for both companies and teams that thrive and want to do even better, and for those who may be in a standstill or undergoing change and transformation.

The team will be more coherent, deliver fast and will attain better results. Team coaching increases productivity and ultimately leads to greater efficiency, greater confidence, and satisfaction for all participants.

Agile Trainings

Compact format

Easy fits in busy schedules

Interactive approach

Combine theory with discussions, examples and games

Important skills

To really make a difference


Directly apply your new skills

Our training approach is based on good practice in adults learning and combine the theory with interactive activities that engage participants. Various methods are used such as discussions, case studies, work in pairs and small groups, simulations. In addition to the training materials, various articles, videos, self-assessment tools are also included.

Coaching sessions may also be added to the training to reinforce the learning and support the participant in the application and development of skills.