Hello world!

So long story short – I decided it is time to start my blog.

I’d like to post regularly about topics I am interested in and I am working on. The content will be inspired by my conversations with customers, discussions in training rooms, problems, and opportunities, faced by teams and companies I work with. 

Hopefully will find the right balance between theory and practice.

What kind of topics?

Agile – how might we adapt to the changes that happen to business and life?

Coaching – how might we support ourselves and others to be more self-aware, correct our behaviors that are not helpful, and generate more (and better) solutions and alternatives?

Leadership – how might we influence others to create better products, services, and the future in general?

Teams – how might we produce better results and achieve more while fun together?

Product – how might we create products the market loves? How might we validate our ideas and deliver them? How might we engage our customers and partners instead of acting in a vacuum?

Tools – different tools that I find valuable and believe you may as well benefit applying.

What’s next?

Well, you can follow the posts – I will be curious to understand what you find interesting and practical. Let me know what your experience is if you decide to apply any of the concepts.

As you know, if it is not on social media – then it is not existing :-). You can follow the content of Cotransition on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Stay tuned!