Agile Trainings

Agile Fundamentals

Unlock agile capabilities of your team with a two-day intensive training. Learning outcomes focus on the Agile mindset, values, principles and foundational concepts. Students will experience the value of cross-functional teams and the benefits that agile frameworks such as Scrum provide.

Scrum Master Professional

Learn how to use Scrum to optimize value, productivity, and the total cost of ownership of systems and products – the heart of the Scrum and Agile movement. This course is intended for current and future Scrum Masters that want to maximize their effectiveness within the Scrum process.

Design Thinking

This fundamental course will give you a good understanding of the Design Thinking principles and terminology and how they can be applied in practice. Design thinking is effective in driving the innovation of products and services within both business and social contexts.

Product Owner Professional

Being a Product Owner is a lot more than writing user stories or managing a Product Backlog. Product Owners need to have a solid understanding of different product management aspects, such as product discovery, building vision, product execution, leadership, stakeholder management, and others. Learn how to act as a Product Owner for Scrum Teams and effectively increase the business agility of your organization.


Radoslav Koshkov

CoTransition team delivered a Design Thinking workshop for the commercial part of Schneider Electric in Bulgaria in the spring of 2020. It was a very engaging, interactive and fun session that introduced us to the method. We experienced new tools, techniques, and overall approach to a business critical topic. CoTransition team took the time to understand our specific context which was an important starter. The workshop took place just at the beginning of the pandemics in 2020, but the CoTransition-ers did it in a virtual mode which did not impact the inclusion, interaction and benefits at all. That was really good! We came out with bright ideas that are being further implemented.

Stoyan Kolev

We approached Mladen for a two-day training of our new SCRUM team on “Agile Fundamentals”.

We were pleasantly surprised by the ease and speed with which he was able to bring us into the subject. In a friendly atmosphere with lots of fun and discussion, we learned basic things about Agile, SCRUM, and teamwork.

The subject was presented professionally, with various examples and rich illustrative material. One evidence of the training success is the successful completion of the first team sprint just a few weeks later.

I would like to thank Mladen on my behalf and on behalf of the team. I sincerely and without any reservations recommend that you use the services of Mladen and CoTransition!

Kalin Botev

During the training course Scrum Master Foundation, the excellent trainer Mladen Tomov helped me to understand fully the Scrum Framework in detail. In my daily job activities working as a Scrum Master, I was following the Framework, but of course, there were some deviations due to some company specifics. After taking the course my vision broadened. Thank you once again, Mladen for the great course.

Training approach

Our trainings combine theory and practice in interactive activities designed to engage participants in using the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Various methods are used such as discussions, case studies, work in pairs and small groups, simulations. In addition to the training materials, various articles, videos, self-assessment tools are also included.

Furthermore, regular coaching sessions can be held after the training to reinforce and support the successful application of learnings.

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