Agile Consulting

What do you want?

  • You want a predictable software delivery process (with improved quality, of course)
  • You want to understand your customers better and create products and services they not just love but also recommend. That sometimes is even more important if your customers are internal.
  • You want to handle change more easily and with a higher level of transparency.
  • You want your team to be more engaged and be more productive (good news is that typically they want that as well)
  • You want to have visibility and transparency on what happens in your organization so that you can make better decisions

Consulting service ingredients


We’ll merge theory and practice to best serve your needs


External fresh perspective and expert’s advise


We’ll review your processes and we’ll suggest what improvements can be made


Coaching for your teams and leaders to grow capabilities and find better answers and solutions

Tools and Strategies

We’ll give you access to tool and strategies effective in your context


Act as an agile mentor for your teams and leaders


Get access to our network of professionals around the globe


We will facilitate your of meetings and workshops so that they are engaging and achieve the desired results

Mladen Tomov

I have over 15 years of professional experience working with multinational IT companies. During this time, I have gone through different roles and am aware of the different perspectives in the software development process. I have had the pleasure of working directly with several Fortune 500 organizations and leading professional services companies.

I strive to maintain a high standard of quality for myself and the people I work with. My professional interests are in supporting the learning and development of agile managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and organizations.

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