1-on-1 Coaching

Who you are?

You are in an IT leadership role, or you are preparing to step in to one. You have your technical background, but now you also have other responsibilities that may include process, product and people management. Your current role might be:

  • Entrepreneur running a startup
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Team lead
  • Manager

What are your challenges?

  • Adapt to the new leadership role and new expectations
  • Navigate relationships with different stakeholders, peers, and colleagues
  • Align your goals with your company’s vision
  • Identify obstacles between you and achieving your goals
  • Align your team and stakeholders over the course of action
  • Improve your communication and listening skills
  • Influence and motivate others

What do you need?

  • Clear and aligned goals for you to focus on what is important
  • Action plan to help accomplish your goals and develop necessary skills
  • Effective strategies to collaborate with your teams and stakeholders
  • Confidence that you make the right decisions and results to show that we are on the right track
  • Fresh perspective and support

Mladen Tomov

I have over 15 years of professional experience working with multinational IT companies. During this time, I have gone through different roles and am aware of the different perspectives in the software development process. I have had the pleasure of working directly with several Fortune 500 organizations and leading professional services companies.

I strive to maintain a high standard of quality for myself and the people I work with. My professional interests are in supporting the learning and development of agile managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, and organizations.

Individual Coaching

Individual 1-on-1 coaching is beneficial for leaders who are facing challenges or would like to be more effective in their current roles. The topics and goals are set by the client and usually include significant individual or business achievements that require positive change. During our work, we may as well discuss other topics such as necessary competencies, skills, values, emotions, important relationships.

The process itself will follow the basic steps of coaching such as goal setting, strategies, actions, and monitoring or revisiting. Based on your goals, resources, strengths, and challenges we will identify what items on your improvement list need to be focused on.

Coaching is conducted in face-to-face sessions or via teleconference (e.g. Zoom).


Zdravko Rusinov

My work with Mladen was very inspiring. He helped me improve the way I report to multiple shareholders who have different goals and schedules. The session with him was eye-opening on multiple subjects like – managing up, down and across the organization, team motivation, time management and etc. In case you are still wondering about coaching with Mladen, please get in touch with me on LinkedIn.

Alexander Ivanov

Mladen helped me shift from a position of Sales and Project Management into a Product Management role at a tech company. Since then, he has built up an excellent understanding of my principles, priorities, challenges, and goals. He takes a holistic and impartial approach when we work on both the strategic level and day-to-day tactics. Since I started working with him, I have learned to see every case that comes up as “another one of those”. This lets me make consistent decisions that move me toward my goals. If you need additional information about the value you stand to get from working with Mladen, get in touch with me on LinkedIn

Chubrina Racheva

From the first meeting, I felt that Mladen was there for me – to ask the right questions, to provide me with a different point of view, and challenge my decisions. He helped me to maintain my focus as I did the transition to my new role as a team leader. In a time of one hour every two weeks, Mladen helped me to view my career and my decisions from a completely new angle, to reassess my goals, improve my time management skills, and at the end to see only what is really important to me. As someone who often adds a dose of emotion to their actions, Mladen’s impartial approach helped me improve my decision-making and conflict resolution skills.
In case you are still wondering about coaching with Mladen, please get in touch with me on LinkedIn.

Alexander Alexiev

My work with Mladen started at a pivotal point in my startup – Ampeco. We had started with high goals but we weren’t able to reach them as quickly as we expected. Working with Mladen managed to keep me focused on the issues that really mattered. My whole attitude when communicating with my colleges changed. I started being more emphatic. Team spirit also went up noticeably. Rather than looking at what went wrong, we started seed what went right, while learning from the mistakes in a constructive way! I believe my work with Mladen was invaluable and we as a company would not be where we are if it wasn’t for that! If someone wants me to verify the value of working with Mladen, please email me at alex at ampeco.global

Izabela Kyurkchieva

My coaching sessions with Mladen helped me to improve my emotional intelligence. I became better at giving feedback as well as requesting it. During our sessions we had the opportunity to discuss situations in my work that stress me out. He always gave me an objective point of view and gave me guidance. This allows me to make consistent decisions that move me towards my goals. You can contact me for more details and information about the sessions with Mladen.

Yanitsa Ilieva, EMBA

Looking back on the experience I had on the coaching and mentoring sessions with Mladen Tomov, I feel that it was worthwhile and this has brought me to appreciate the value of coaching and mentoring, as much as the value of talking to an experienced professional likewise. In my life I have never stopped studying or putting myself in new challenging projects but this professional development for me was a continue learning process and acquiring new skills/knowledge and practices recommended for any state of your career. We have used a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that have been helping me manage my own learning and growth, finding my true north. The coaching sessions with Mladen Tomov took place in parallel with my EMBA program when I was already transforming in rapid speed, thus the turbulence and personal doubts in new challenging situations were soothed and approached in the best possible way: looking at the situations with new perspective, building self-trust, bringing the best of yourself out, simplifying and decomposing each situation to easy to tackle tasks in a safe environment where you feel you can be fully yourself.

Mihail Kyosev

I would call the time I had individual coaching sessions with Mladen inspiring and eye-opening. I stepped into a new role and now am a Product Manager for more than 4 SaaS Products, decisive, and a goto person for the teams and managers. Mladen helped me be more structured and fact-oriented when making a decision or involved in a conflict situation. I was able to manage and work on the goals I set at the beginning of the coaching sessions and in the end to accomplish the important to me – for the rest I made an educated decision when and how to work on. No matter of the theme – professional or personal – Mladen helps you get most of you, understand the situation yourself, get focused on the “real deal”, and do the right thing for you. In case you are still wondering about coaching with Mladen – contact me.

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